What is Life at Abhi

A man without dreams is a man awaiting death. You learn new everyday and you wont take it with you when you die, you leave everything back; so share…

We meet many people daily; we experience different situations in our life, problems, happiness, sorrow..
Do we really record them or do we remember everything?

Just imagine that you have a space ( a reference ) where you can often refer to see what happened in your life.
What all you went through ? what was so exciting last night.. ha ha..

That is how I thought to create a blog where I can refer to all the daily happenings, great experiences etc.

I am Abilash; My friends call me Abhi… and this is “Life at Abhi”

Might be, I can detail some experiences that are useful to others.
It may help them to overcome the problems I came across.