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Vibration reduction plates for Royal enfield – Initial installation Review

abhilash - March 27, 2018 - 0 comments

Royal Enfield’s have been infected with their killer vibrations for many years and the company has done very less at addressing this issue. Despite having a team of top end engineers and acquiring some of the renowned designing and performance engineering firms, Royal Enfield has failed to make the journey of its trusted cult of enthusiasts comfortable.
Paul Carberry who recently started operations in northern part of India and known for his 1000 cc enfield better known as Carberry enfield has come up with a vibration reduction plate which claims at reducing the vibrations of the engine significantly.
There are numerous articles mentioning how this plate works and the logic behind this mechanical component. Technically there are different theories to support the vibration reduction plate but hardly are there any articles reviewing the feedback post installation.This article is a review of the vibration reduction plate post its installation. We have selected royal enfield continental gt 535 for this test which is believed to be the most vibrating machine in the royal enfield factory and known as killer vibration emitter. The café racer being an aggressive and attractive model lacks to give comfort to the rider who spends good 250,000 Indian rupees on it. Carberry’s vibration reduction plate works for all the UCE engines and 535 being an UCE is the best test subject.

We have tried to jot down the common issues from the continental GT vibrations which are visible to the rider and tried to use them in our review for investigation. This is a more technical solution for fixing vibrations and minimizing them between speeds of 60km to 90kmph which are crucial for continental GT. Carberry claims that the engine vibration reduction plate is designed in such a way that it supports and stabilizes the RH crankshaft. This vibration reduction plate is currently designed for the royal enfield’s powered by UCE(Unit Construction Engine).

In royal enfield UCE engine there are two bearings on the left, while there is one at the right side. The stock plate covers the bearing on the ride side which comes fitted below the housing of clutch. This causes pressure on the crankshaft and increases vibrations at higher rev. According to #carberry the plate stabilizes the right-hand side of the crankshaft. The plate is fitted after the gear which drives the cam wheels. Also Carberry provides an additional bearing installed on the end of the crankshaft, which sits on the vibration reduction plate offering better support. This is how it reduces vibrations.


Here is a detailed video explaining the findings post installation.

Some areas where the changes are noticed:

Handlebar vibrations:
There has been a substantial reduction in the vibrations hitting the handlebar of the continental GT. The reduction is close to 60-70% when compared to the stock arrangement. The mirrors attached to handlebar which were not available for a rear view are now stable and clear. There is less shoulder pain and the bullet appear stable in hand. There are thoughts from fellow riders that the vibrations form a critical element at establishing the royal enfield riding experience and without them the bullet isn’t a bullet. But the love for the brand set apart, the motorcycle seems more confident to ride.

Vibrations during idle times:
The stock version of the royal enfield continental gt would often vibrate during idle hours when started and kept without a throttle. However, this has reduced to a considerably acceptable level. You can hardly notice the vibrations.

Vibrations on the chassis:
There is only 5 to 10% reduction in the vibrations on the chassis. The vibrations have been reduced significantly from the rider’s end and few vibrations can be noticed at the pillion, but these are acceptable. For a 535 cc that is not so perfect as it should be, these changes are highly appreciated.

Changes during long rides:
The royal enfield continental gt has been more responsive and smooth after the installation of the vibration reduction plate. You can now take it for miles and miles on the stock clip-ons without a fear for your hands to get numb and your gut to become unstable.

Thought this isn’t a game changer, the investment you put on these vibration reduction plates pays off to you by making your ride on royal Enfield extremely comfortable.

My advice to Royal enfield as a fellow rider and supporter for the brand would be to relook at its engine enhancement strategies and improve it. Should #royalenfield pay due attention to its motorcycles and the riders comfort, better would be the sales as well the customers who would return to the brand considering its heritage and riding history.

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