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Time runs quick, going nowhere fast!

abhilash - July 16, 2014 - 4 comments

I thought I understand people better, “hmm… you are not a psychologist” says the person in the kitchen. It is indeed a good feeling to be married, I agree!
Making a ‘stitched mouth’ speak is in itself a hard job and she does that well; My wife, she’ s trying to study me, trying to cope up with my nature! I appreciate her hard work 🙂

It was summer and winter; Autumn, spring and monsoons, huh! I am yet to experience some of them.

If you have a life, get married! that’s something you shouldn’t miss. Finding a perfect partner isn’t practical but understanding each other is practically possible. You get a permanent friend, a companion who stays with you a whole life, shares happiness, sorrow, pain.

I met a saint once when I was a child and he told me “If you fear something, do that first”, he believes that one could remove the fear and then you are left with no fear.

Time is running fast and I am trying to maintain my pace. I recently saw a white hair on my forehead, “is that symbol of luck or am I getting old?”. I am missing something that I was preserving for long…

‘Change’, one should practice that to cope up with life.

LIfe at Abhi…


  1. Nice to see your post after a long time….very good read Abhi….please convey my regards to your wife 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your marraige.. a short post after a long time

  3. I am sure you are learning fast..Good wishes!

  4. Congratulations! Was wondering where you were and chanced upon this post. Do keep writing. Regards to both of you.

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