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Taking you to 1987 stories and spitual start of TV gods

abhilash - December 16, 2009 - 22 comments

I am going to take you back into the past, in 1987 when this story happened. I was 3 years old and we lived in a rented house in Nagpur. I remember the name of the house owner, it was “sangole”. He was an old man, tall to 6 feet in height with a “pappu-munna” face-cut who always used to shout at his grandchildren for their mischievous activities in which I was the leader. There were no video games or regular TV serials as today. If there were video games, then people were not that used to them.

The daily schedule of men was working from 9 Am to 5.30 Pm and when back they used to go to the market with a basket in hand. Women used to gather in the front of the house with a charpayi(A cot of olden days made of wood and coir) and a set of vegetables for their dinner. They will then start gossips about their neighbours and relatives but this would never end in a quarrel or cry.

Children were more active and always seen playing on the roads surpassing the vehicles that crossed. It was not like today when children are always seen busy with their never ending tuition and mini and micro tests that start in a loop. There were less vehicles on the roads and that too some bajaj scooters, if I remember “lambretta scooters” were on the verge of being extinct. People were busy with their life and still find time to devote a part of their life for their family.

Those days were really funny and we shared a lot of joy and happiness with the fellow neighbours called “muhalle wallas”.

It was 7.30 AM, Sunday and all rushed into their house shouting at their family members who were still in the bathrooms to vacate it. It appeared as if all are getting ready for a trip or a visit to the temple and that was time bound. Don’t wonder! It was all for the Ramayan serial by Ramanand sagar that will begin at 9.30 AM on doordarshan. During that time, Doordarshan was the only channel to broadcast on televisions.

In the complete locality there were only few houses that had television. TV used to be encapsulated in a big box with closing doors at those times. People would come with a garland in their hands with diya and sweets before the serial began. They will put the garland on the television and then lit the diya and would say some prayers. I remember how all neighbours used to assemble in sangoles house to watch the serial. They will be mum and will watch the serial, and get enchanted with the dialogues coming from their serial gods.

(I am not a photo manipulator but I thought to picturise the words)

I feel like laughing when I think about the mentality of the people during those times who would pray to the gods in the serial ramayan, the way they do to the gods and goddesses in temples. Ramamnand sagar’s ramayan starred Arun govil as Ram and Deepika as sita. I read once in a news paper that people in India used to greet Arun govil and Sita with flowers and would worship them in homes like god.

These all are worth a smile when we think about them today.
Also my uncle said that there was a Rajnikanth movie been played in tamil nadu few years ago where Rajnikanth is attacked by a villan and he finds himself without any weapon. A fellow viewer threw a knife on the screen saying “Please have this and kill the guy”. Ha ha… I am not surprised to imagine the 1987 ramayan freaks when I compare rajani fans today who have even built a temple for him.

I was chatting with Avinash regarding the differences between North India and South India. Between the discussions Avinash mentioned that all Hindu gods in older serials are from North India including Ram, Krishna etc. I had no answer and I said that lord hanuman was from south India. To make my explanation appear more real I said since South India had dense forests and greenery hanuman preferred to stay here. I don’t know the reality but he believed it.

I also remember the “plastic gadha” (gadha is Lord hanumans weapon) that my father purchased for me due to my insistence and I used to take this to my friends resembling Dara singh who starred as Hanuman in TV serial Ramayan. Dara singh was my favourite character in Ramayan who would fly in the sky, lift Ram and lakshman on his shoulders and would say the dialogue “Jai Sri Ram” and then sounds would come from my neighbours replying “pavan suth hanuman ki jai”. Ha ha…

Those were the days worth remembering. Also I remember the tears people would spend for the sita when she was taken by Raavana on the puspaka vimana(Pushpaka chariot owned by Ravana that can fly in the sky). People were completely involved in the serials and considered the characters a part of their family.

I hope the same incidents you might have witnessed might not be as funny as mine. Don’t forget to mention them here as comments. They will be worth reading.

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  1. oh we had a dhobi who used to come for washing our clothes and he used to sit and watch the ramayana and mahabharatha and used to get excited throughout that we were worried if he would get mad… 🙂

  2. Don't know about the story of ramayana and mahabharatha……looks very interesting! I remember when I was still a kid, my brother and I rushed to a neighbour to watch our favourite Taiwanese TV series after dinner…that's really fun watching TV with many other kids….

  3. Guess we have all watched these serials and I remember how even the Church was in despair since there was low attendance!

    ur memory is sharp if you can remember even your 3rd year so vividly…

  4. Today it was very interesting to read ur write up,got back memories when i was very young…those days were really nice,much more peaceful and loving then today…

  5. Me too remember watching these serials and our house were always crowded at that time. Kids and adults coming to watch them. It was nice reading your post Abhi.

  6. Hi Abhi, If you ask me what I liked the most in this post, my answer would be 'the pic with graland on TV'…I have a great aunt who used to take bath and put the "chandanakkuri" before watching these god serials and she will chant "rama rama…."while if she is in a temple 🙂

  7. I liked this post a lot Abhi…Still remember those days.Even now when i pray to Kanna and Ram, Nitheesh bharadwaj and Arun govil comes in mind,that much these serials influvanced us..Liked the Rajani story,they treat super stars as their god,Malayalthil athu nadakkillallo…….Nice pics especially maalayitta TV….

  8. Nice post Abhi, i can vaguely remember seeing the Ramayan. I should ask my sis about it, hope she remembers any incident. Anyway thanks for the post about old version of Ramayan, i will check Youtube for any episodes:)

  9. This is hillarious… I was so stuck with this serial myself that I used to spend whole saturday at my friends house so that I will be happily accepted on sunday to watch it…I got scolding from my parents but to no vain till they got one TV for me..Even till today I m absolute TV freak.

  10. kothiyavunu

    That was a lovely post..these bring back childhood memories…My whole family in front of TV and watching these serials….My achamma will start telling all epic stories… was reminded of it when I read your post. The pleasures of the old world 🙂

  11. I too remember watching Ramayan when I was kid :)…it seems that life was pretty simple those days…I completely agree with you that kids were more active back then….these days I dont find kids playing outside anymore…just come from school and settle in front of TV or computer games 🙁

  12. Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    that was the real story of 1987!hey,I am annoyed,never ask your readers to write like gulmohar or someone else.leave them fre to express!
    in my ancestoral house in the village,
    in the huge hall near nadumittam,
    nearly seventy kids n elders used to sit,
    to watch the serials n videos.
    everyone loved watching Ramayana,
    Sree Rama n Sita became so popular,
    I loved Hanumanji a lot!
    we need heros in lives
    To follow the footsteps,
    And live an adventurous life!
    Images are good n attractive,
    These days children hardly play,
    Activities are less n spirit is low,
    This is the trend of the modern child!
    I would have written a longer reply,
    But right now I need a nap!:)
    wishing you a wonderful evening,

  13. Oh boy!!Did you take me to those days or what?IS till rememeber when my parents bought their first TV-Dynora..Ha ha ha!!Well we did not garland it but pretty close..Ppl around us used to come and watch all sorts of serials but my fav has to be Mahabharat!!

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  15. Anonymous

    Haha, this is the first time I'm touching on this subject, so I really don't have much to say…except…koreans are as crazy-obsessed about their own dramas and stars.
    and whoa! Brilliant purple scooter! EEEE!

  16. I used to be so tired many a times from my morning and evening sports practice that I would often be excused from watching Ramayana. 😀 I could not keep my eyes open! But what a trip down the memory lane.

  17. Sun

    Hi.. nice posts.. I like ur blog.. Hope u will visit my blog too..

  18. great post! i totally enjoyed that thanks!

  19. Abhi,

    entire family was in front of the tv during ramayana and mahabharath. Now dad is still fond of sri guruvaruappan and swami ayyappan serials. Now thinking back I realise that tv gods took lot of valuable times. still it is fun to remember those days. You are bring back those memmories

  20. joshi daniel

    nostalgic article. merry christmas!

  21. Nice post…. between many people still have not changed recently a young man committed sucide after watching a telugu movie "magadhira" hoping that he will born rich and famous in next life…

    Happy new year!!!

  22. […] me, all the ones watching this video might have seen the serial Ramayan once in their childhood. The version of Ramayan that was aired by Doordarshan in our childhood was a bit dramatic but captured the faith of a good section of people… so called […]

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