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Shocked by redmi k20 pro price

abhilash - August 7, 2019 - 0 comments

Gone are the days when mobile phones were just used for calling or to message your dear ones. Long lost is the continuous usage of laptops and desktop PCS which were before used for checking email, browsing etc. Not much people are seen now carrying a DSLR camera or point and shoot camera in their hand for taking quick photos. Everything now happens on a mobile phone and these mobile phones are now sleek slim and with heavy potential of performing complex computations.

So continuing to this trend of mobile phone purchase, my cousin brother decided to purchase a new mobile phone. Everyone believes that Snapdragon chipsets are leading chipsets for mobile phones and MediaTek is inferior. We started searching for different mobile phones within a budget category and oneplus and similar mobile phones were anywhere not within our list because the usage of the phone was quite limited and was not intended for heavy computational and graphics intensive games.

Redmi K20 pro back panel

I was watching the redmi k20 pro trending in several leading online portal and news websites like GSMArena for sometime and thought this phone would not be an exception and would cost as high as oneplus. I think the phone brands ard trying to be competitive and not like it used to be, where they wanted to be premium not only in the make but also in the pricing. This trend was the brainchild of Samsung and they often would introduce premium phones at a premium price; yes taking into account that these phones would use better quality materials and a high performing hardware. But then, does everyone is in need of a high quality hardware or they were looking out for a phone within their budget and still meeting expectations. I would say the majority in India would go for the second option because they would want things to be done at the same time costing less.

Redmi K20 pro Camera

Asus launched zenfone 5z an year ago when oneplus 6 was costing higher, creating a trend of providing quality hardware at less price. Soon The other manufacturers followed and redmi as always keeps up with the competition.

Redmi k20 pro seems a better bargain at such a hardware configuration and costing less than 30000 rupees, to be accurate 27999. Yes the price of redmi k20 pro is 27,999 rupees!

I believe anyone looking for a a good hardware within budget should go for this mobile phone. I also understand that this is a successor to the previous pocophone 1. Though I was quite not a big fan of that mobile phone and felt that it was a bit inferior in looks but was value for money at that pricing.

My cousin didn’t have such a big budget so he went for a realme 3 pro. It meets the expectations to certain limits and which is what is expected out of the mobile phone. So if you may ask me, the mobile phones are now no longer prestige symbols as it used to be before but more value oriented where people look for the value they get for their money.

So what is your preference for a phone, do you believe you should go for premium phones or choose ones that meets your requirements?

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