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Mundu for Onam, my D Day is today

abhilash - August 25, 2012 - 5 comments

Today is the Onam celebration and we are asked to wear traditional dress. In Kerala, the traditional dress for man is Mundu(dhoti) and shirt. My friend Hanish had a bad experience with Mundu on his visit to Kerala. He visited Padmanabhaswami temple in Trivandrum and was asked to wear a mundu that is mandatory, to enter the temple. My Guajarati friend did not try this Kerala dress before and decided to wear and see the ‘lord sleeping on the lotus’. He managed to get someone help him wearing a mundu that was rented. He was happy to wear a mundu and with devotion and belief in god, he entered the temple.

It took no longer for the men and women to understand that he is wearing it for the first time.

Today is my ‘D Day’.

I purchased a grey silk shirt with pattern of Khadi and a mundu with the border in light black and box pattern. The next task is to understand how wear it. I tried searching google for ‘how to wear a mundu’ and landed on The first video was on ‘how to wear a mundu in Kerala style’ which the creator has portrayed in a better way. The problem is he uses a single mundu for demonstration and I have a double mundu(long mundu which we wear with a fold that makes two layers).

I tried the next video ‘How to wear a dhoti in Kshatriya style’. I understand that it is a good style to try for Tripunithura, being a land of Kings and queen. The man narrating it says that this style is used during fights and I am for no fight. He mentions further that this style has no chances of leaving the waist once it is tied. I am not sure if this can be used as a traditional dress, so I planned to skip.

The third video says, how to wear a mundu for Onam. Now that is interesting. The video was about two men who were trying to teach their friend wear a mundu. I watched the video carefully until the end which was around 5-6 minutes long. I thought I should now be ready for wearing a mundu. There were few seconds left for the video to complete and I decided to see it completely to witness the happiness in the face of the friend. It was about to end when a guy watching this said “eda ithu penungal settu saari udukunathu pole aayi poyada”(I think this looks like the pattern of settu sari worn by woman). “Happy Birthday”, was that something an enthusiast should have heard at the end?

It is 7 Am in the morning and Lord Indra’s son is pouring water in his water bottle on Cochin. It appears he did not drink the water at school and wants to escape the scolding from his father. The time difference between Devlok and India makes a lot of problems. The last time a cow suffering from wateromania in Indralok showered a lot of salty water to fill the holes in the roads built specifically by Kerala government to feed the animals. Not sure how I am going to wear a mundu in this climate.

Yesterday few people from the area where I stay came asking my whereabouts. They say it is some committee they work for in the locality and they have never seen anyone in the hose when they come. I said I leave the house by 8 and return by 6.30 and it isn’t possible to find me on weekends which is time to travel. One from three asked me what I do when I am free, to which I replied, I watch movies or am on Internet. He says if I am interested I can join them in ‘creative activities’. I decided to see what creative activities they do and nodded with acceptance. Let us hope that cleaning the garbage on the road sides or moving goods out of the truck isn’t their creative activity.

I think I should ask my brush to clean my teeth and water to make me fresh, but I doubt they will listen to me. The last time the brush asked me for ‘Colgate with active salts’, I denied the request. I think he still has that in mind and it makes him not listen. You see… advertisements are creating all these issues. Provided they won’t do their job, let me move ahead and do mine.

Wishing you all a Happy Onam.

Please pray that I do not come across the incident as Hanish.

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  1. Iam confused……don't know what to say!

  2. Happy Onam greetings to you in advance. That was an interesting post and I have linked it to my most recent post on saree wear. Hope you won't mind. Check the first para, you'll find your link there. 😀

    I think the color combination – grey silk khadi and mundu would go really well together. The part about the video on how to go about wearing the mundu was funny…:)

  3. gee- hope your mundu experience went well abhi. post some pics if possible. I loved the colour combo of the shirt and mundu. So what happened to the creative activity, fodder for another post is it ???? Hope onam celebrations were a blast. Regards

  4. so which style did you use?

  5. I thought you would be an expert in Mundu by now! Anyway hope you had a safe journey with the Mundu and a happy Onam too.. I loved the combination.

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