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Mere 10 Anmol Ratan, Headlines for 2012

abhilash - September 7, 2012 - 6 comments

Yesterday my friend came online unexpected and she asks me “Karthik ke pachas bille, robin ke kanche and ravi ki video game… yaad hai?” For one moment, I had nothing to say and started searching the database as fast as possible. I had implemented a dual buffer in cache memory synchronization technique (good sleep with regular clean diet) few days ago and thus collecting data from my memory is faster. I could recollect that the lines were from a comment I posted on her blog a long time ago. We went through a few blog posts I wrote and I was able to understand how happy I was at that time when I used to write those posts. From my experience, I have indentified that it is not that a person is busy and so he cannot attend his activities. It is because a person has made new priorities in his life.

Who is this?

I have not registered any incidents that happened this year and that were important to me in my life. Thus providing headlines should serve the purpose to remember what had happened when I check this post many years later.

1. Hanish got a job: My friend Hanish got a job this year in USA. He was very close and one among them who I remember every moment. You can read more about Hanish in the post http://blog.lifeatabhi.com/an-effort-to-kill-the-mental-illness/. He was studying in USA for MS and got a job this year.

Photo credits: Hanish Patel

2. Atul blessed with a Baby: Atul is my schoolmate and a close friend. He lives in Pune and works on ‘memory calculations, interpreting unambiguous interchange of data back and forth a LIVE console exempted from the in humanitarian mechanism’(in simple words he is an engineer). He blessed with a baby this year is as happy as a clam. I promised him that I should be visiting him when I become a chacha and now I am tangled with my promise. You can read about Atul from the post http://blog.lifeatabhi.com/atul-sadhus-love-story-to-conclude-in-marriage-an-unexpected-love-phobia/

Photo Credits: Atul Sadhu

3. Vinay Nandanwar is married: My College mate, elder to me than 3 year, friend and ‘full time semi-cracked, full of foolish questions’, he is a gem among men. I remember him asking me once, a serious question which he thinks “Abhi, you know when we travel in train our visit to the toilet make things disappear on the tracks. I wonder what happens when people visit toilet in the plane. The plane often flies above my home”. 🙂 He was married to a beautiful girl this year. I wonder how she shall handle his humorous questions.

Photo credits: Vinay Nandanwar

4. A handsome son to Vijo: Blessed with a beautiful child, Vijo is enjoying this season in Cochin. Vijo is a nice friend and a close ally. He was married to a woman he chose among many during a party. His fall in love sequence ended with a marriage in Delhi when both of them decided to go against their families and tie a bond. They often pay a close visit to their parents on weekends.

5. Sanjeev flew to Dubai: When I call him Sanjeev, don’t misunderstand him with my college mates. Living in the 50’s, Sanjeev Kumar Raja is still a young chap in his mind and attitude. A cool and simple person, adjusting to his friends and their interests; he was a loving and a caring person I had as a housemate. He went to Dubai this year further to a job he received that he could not refuse due to his interest in visiting Dubai. Gifted with a hefty package, he is enjoying the hot weather as chilled ice. He came to Tripunithura yesterday and I need to give him a visit.

At Alapuzha beach during a journey to Cochin

With Sanjeev and Vijo

6. Onam with Parents: This year, I celebrated my Onam with my parents. It has been long since we had an Onam together. They came to Kerala on 29 August and went on September 5. It was a short break but was energetic and enjoying. I drank a lot of Payasam last weekend with Amma accompanying me who loves sweets more than I do.

7. Athachamayam 2012 in Tripunithura: This year the Athachamayam was beautiful than the last year. The previous year, Athachamayam was in rains. Many tableus and dance forms filled the heart with colors.

A kathakali actor with Mustache

8. Akash back to Social networking: My friend Akash who was missing for many years came to the limelight this August. He was away from the Social networking websites and continued to be active this season. Hope he was able to surpass the sluggish IT life with exception. I remember he changed his name to AAkash further to some advice from a numerologist. He is back as Akash 🙂

Photo Credits: Aakash

9. Biga’s marriage: Our Harry Potter got married this year. Wondering why I referred him as Harry Potter, read this post http://blog.lifeatabhi.com/ernakulam-police-searching-for-harry-potter/. After his travel to Singapore and Dubai, long lasting business ventures, he was back to Kerala to get married. He after his brothers referred as ‘B’. They form a sequence in their names A, B, C… Abga, Biga, Ciga. Wondering, why they have these names? I too was surprised. For a friend the name is not important, so I did not go deep finding the secrets behind the naming conventions.

Photo Credits: Biga

10. Ps3 and Gaming: I forget to mention that I purchased a PS3 last season. I was always a game freak from within and my hunt for an adventure within my so-called busy life ended with this console. The graphics are mind blowing and the time moves faster than it does when with this gadget. Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 were the best games I like in my collection.

I believe that 10 should be an end to a blog count. I shall try to write to keep my dairy filling.

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  1. Bada hee achha laga in tasveeron ko dekh ke!

  2. ¸.•°☆⊱彡

    ೋ~~ FELÍZ AÑO 2013~~

  3. cool to get a glimpse of good times 🙂

  4. Lovely to know so many things happened with all your friend's life, beautifully written Abhi.

  5. SM

    enjoyed reading top ten
    anmol ratan

  6. Abhi, thanks for the visit. Njan ithiri thirakkilayi poyi. njan chennai shift cheythu. just settling down. appol blog okke athrayum ezhuthan kazhinjilla. Pinne perinu onnu posty..athra thanne..I missed Athachamayam..Abhiyude photo nannayitundu..shall come back to read..ippozhum njan thirakil thanne..

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