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Meeting Daniel Craig and back to the college days of Movie maniacs

abhilash - January 12, 2012 - 7 comments

Daniel craig saw a creature irritating a boy, trying to tear him apart and he throws a small stone on it to distract it from the boy. He then switches on his iron wrist gadget and shoots a ray towards the creature that is as big as an undertaker and as fat as the sumo wrestler. The creature escapes the ray leading itself to a window above the members in the room. When Daniel started walking towards the boy, my mobile rang “maha ganapathim manasa…” and I took the call with a motionless “hi” that were due to anxiety in the movie Cowboys and Aliens.

If I remember, I said to some of you that I am a big movie maniac. Having a large DVD collection of movies, I try watching one everyday if possible. This started with the desire to watch the movie named Pokkiri starring Vijay whose fan was I once before he gave some flops including Sura. My roommates were happy to see a small theater set up in the house with initial collections we thought would be the best to watch. Even though it started initially to kill our time was later converted into an addiction. We purchased a LCD TV and later a speaker system with the sounds forcing objects in its nearest reach to move by the vibration it creates.

To clarify the doubts, I am not the guy that is shown in the Sony max ad’s or the Zee Cinema advertisements who lives to watch movies and imitate and iterate dialogues of the movies they watch. I am a grown-up “kid” who watches movies as a source of entertainment to forget his tiredness for the 1.5 to 3 hours duration a movie lasts.
I would like to mention the sister of my grandfather in this topic who involves deeply into a topic while watching the television. I once happened to see her watching a tele serial where a lead role vanishes from the screen to the background when another enters the screen; she went close to the television moving her head around the screen to find where he has gone. I understand she is old but funny right! 🙂

A popular dialogue during my childhood was “rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain par naam hain shahenshah” by Amitabh bacchan from the movie shahenshah. My parents say I used to call myself Abhilash Pillai Mithun Chakraborthy when I was asked my name during my childhood. I do not remember what they say I did but I used to like Mithun very much. Mayank patel, my friend had a dialogue when someone says that he likes Mithun… He used to say ”Mithun nahi Mithun da bolne ka”.

My father often watch the old movies again and again as if he is studying for a semester exam the winter. My sisters say that they remember every dialogue from the old movies with father watching them again and again. They use to laugh saying that father watched a Malayalam movie with actor Jayan brushing his teeth and had to pause the scene until two weeks when he switched it on again; they said he resumed it from the brushing scene and that jayan had to wait long two weeks to have his teeth whitened.

We watched the tamil movie Rajapattai starring Vikram day before yesterday and it would not be asking something big if I say the we should be given a Bharat award. We managed to watch it until the end when someone from the crowd said, “Who the hell made this movie”. Real steel, the movie that I saw three days ago was one of the good movies I saw this year.

I used to get 40 rupees from Amma for a single movie and that was what I was allowed to watch in the college days. Engineers are believed to be doing more with limited resources and thus we decided to watch five movies with the money I had for one movie a year. We made a pact that each one of us should sponsor 4 movie tickets an year with total 4 movies. Vinay was the first one in the list and we chose the front most seats in the theater that costs 10 rupees per person. We watched “league of extraordinary gentleman” with 40 rupees from Vinay. I was the second and I sponsored “Vin diesels Triple x”. We were sitting in the front seats and each movie we watched that year gave a 5D experience. The seats would shiver and jump when Vin diesel escapes a bomb attack or when an actor throws a missile. Those are memorable.

Hanish Prakash Patel was my closest friend and he was the one who sponsored most of my lunch, dinner, travel and some movies the final year. I was not any celebrity that he wasted money on but for him I was someone close for not to worry spending money. I bet you do not get such friends often. You can read about Hanish here.
Some of the movies I loved to watch were Chitram, Yodha, Akkare akkare, Big B, Summer in Bethlehem, HUM, Sholay, DDLJ, Don with Amitabh, Pokkiri, Vaaranam aayiram, Mozhi, The Patriot, apocalypto and a lot more in the never ending list.

You agree or not, movies are the best means to spend time and forget your worries, provided you do not choose movies like Rajapattai or Sura.


  1. Great to see your enthusiasm. I hardly watch movies these days 🙁 and for sure there us something about college and school friends that makes them special.

  2. I was a movie freak, my dad and mom too. I used to watch 5 movies in a week during my postdoctoral stay.Now after marriage it reduced to 3 movies and after one kid it reduced to one movie in three days and other on the way I think one movie can take upto a week. So enjoy your time to get watch movies, after marriage you have other responsibilities too. so movie time become less.

  3. aaha- some of my favorites like apocalypto , mozhi are in your list. I love watchg films though like swathi says after marrg & 2 kids it has become a big deal- like u say they are the best way to unwind. and yes sura was DISASTER – thank god i only watched the initial 10 mins and had the good sense to ESCAPE

  4. Hi Abhi, how are you doing, wish you a very happy new year, had gone to India for few weeks so couldnt keep in touch nor update my blog…nice to see your posts after a long time,as usual enjoyed reading it..

  5. joshi daniel

    hehehe some cool facts!

  6. I also watch movies, but not a movie freak just like you. I watch TV shows or movies whenever i feel like i need a break and when i am done watching i feel relaxed. But whenever i watch anything on Tv i just would like to feel restful and forget all the stress and every little thing on mind that troubling.

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