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“Ingane nadanoda”… a journey to eternity with a kid living in Kochi

abhilash - January 22, 2013 - 11 comments

I think my life has come to an end (a correction here… bachelor life)and the stopwatch is nearing to zero. My parents are working hard to find a woman with whom I can share my cooking experiments. My sisters have taken it as a hobby; they ‘express an interest’ on profiles in the matrimony websites every day, and comment on their beauty when we talk on the mobile. They have complaints with the hair of woman, the height, educational background, names and so goes their list.

Everyone around the globe is now interested to see me cry 😉 kidding…

Here is what people say and suggest…

I visited my grandmother last week and she says

“I am really worried about you Abhilash;… Gopi,the son of Madhu, Kannan the grandson of my brother, nandu the son of gauriamma’s nephews daughter, unni, chicku, vishnu, latha, chinnu”

…so goes her list

“are all married. When are you going to have one?” … “Would I be able to witness your marriage before I die”

Is she interested to see me married or to compete against others in the diary?

My Aunt says…

“ingane nadanoda, taadiyum meeshayum valarthi… ninte kude padicha kuttikalku ellam kuttikal aayi”(ah! are you not serious; just spending your life casually like this with a grown beard and mustache, the kids you were studying with, now have their own kids)

… I dont understand what the kids have to do with this, if she has a problem with my beard the better way is asking me to have a clean shave.

Mayank says…

“Bhai, shaadi nahi kar raha hai kya?, kab tak aise hi bhacelor life kaatega”(Are you not planning to get married, are you still planning to be a bachelor)… “Dont go for a love marriage, though I and Atul have chosen this path…”

…was he warning me against their decisions on Love marriage, or did he expect me to do things in a different manner?

A relative says…(An Aunt)

“Abhi, select anyone in your office or a neighbor company and propose a girl, it is so easy. Dont wait for your mother and father to start searching. And don’t worry as I have asked my contacts to search one for you, at least I care for you. Also ask your friends to refer you to other people for finding a better alliance”…

…”enta amme”, am I so old that I should hurry this way, and is this any networking opportunity I should be exploring…

Amma asked me to go through some profiles they have shortlisted and to select some that I find better.

To speak the truth, you cannot match the looks of the woman on the portal by their age… some look more aged than what they display… and my selection when it is for me, was never any good so I do not give it a try…

Let me take you to an interesting profile sample…

This profile is created for my daughter. She is very loving, simple ,homely,god-fearing girl hailing from an aristocratic Nair family. She is a positive-natured girl ,posessing modern outlook & at the same time firmly rooted in our traditional culture, believes in morals, and values family relationships more than anything else.

I have seen at least 15-20 profiles using the same content. Are they hailing from the same aristocratic family or “copy cat”… No offense…but Atleast write your profile on your own…

My brother has prepared a list that I should be asking the ladies I give a visit for pennukaanal(seeing the bride-to-be for the first time)…

1.Have you heard about Facebook and twitter? how often do you use them… what is your opinion on this social networking culture?

2. Do you play PC or console games? which is your favorite game?

3. How often do you watch movies? When comparing serials VS movies which one you watch the most?

4. Did you have a love affair in the past, if yes how long did it last. Were you the one who proposed or the other way? …”My brother says, if the girl was the one who proposed, dont think for a second just marry her.. he has his own explanations for this…”

5. where do you want to see yourself after 10 years? Do you love trekking? …”though both the questions have nothing in similar, he has his logic behind this”

6. Why do you want to marry? Are you fed up being with your parents or are you are looking for a change?

I am sure the girl would be beating me after I complete the Q&A session. My brother has a long list and explanation for each question that certain, I make a right decision.

He asks me to conduct a GD round followed by a debate… ha ha… He is a Next Gen guy!!!

Life at Abhi… now continues with such inspiring suggestions and thoughts.

I am sure I should be laughing when reading this after some years…


  1. Abhi,

    When you going to make interview of your prospective wife, she is also going to do the same.
    Marriage is not like movies, it has ups and down. What you need is somebody you want to grow up with and have family with, take care you and you should take care of her. Give and take policy is applicable always. Adjustment is also needed.

    You need a person who is loving you also your family. She doesn't think I married this guy I don't care about his family. Just like you are also going to a son to her family.
    Appearance is needed, but make sure that beauty lies in mind also.
    When you see somebody, if she is destined to you
    she will be going to your wife.
    Hope you will invite us to your marriage.

  2. thanks Swathi… I agree to your views and suggestions…

    No Doubt, I shall be inviting you…

  3. Had fun reading this (at your expense, may I add ;-))
    Used to follow your blog a while ago – coming back here after a long time.
    I remember marking your "roti maker" post in memory 😀

    Good luck on your "treasure hunt"! And am really curious to know the whys and hows of your brother's questions!!

  4. Wishing you all the best abhi- when you meet the right girl you will know . Trust your heart ; marriage is a 2 way street. Give her all the love and receive bountiful. Keep us posted

  5. Hi Abhi nice to c ur comment after a long time .?I am not getting enough time to visit blogs these days..So pressures r on,right..Good luck.Etra veetil poyi chay kudichu..?Put a ad in ur blog, he he…

  6. loved the questions your brother prepared 😉

  7. ok Priya :), Shall look forward to it.

  8. 🙂 Thanks Soorya. Shall post the answers in the next article.

  9. Thanks Vrinda, I am also not able to be continuous on blogs. I have not started with the tea time,… skipping them for the last few weeks by giving difefrent reasons. Think they will take me forcefully one day.

  10. 🙂 They are the next generation. They think different!

  11. Hi Abhi,
    First time here..looks intersting..
    Those Questionnaire is very realistic. Make sure you tick them in your next inteview ;)…

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