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I am not part of your Formula 1 : Kochi Auto finale

abhilash - August 2, 2019 - 0 comments

“Gone are the days when people were patient and happy”.

I am taking about the rash driving in Kochi and this isn’t just about a few, everyone wants to be first in a Formula 1 race that does not end at a common destination.

Motorcyclists believe that the roads were given as dowry to their sibling and car owners do not have the authority to drive on them. They would rashly trespass every car on their way making their journey a MotoGP finale. Car owners have shifted from Motorcycles to cars after banks started offering “take me home at EMI” offers and they now drive car like motorcycles trying to overtake what their Motor bikes could do before. The city has become a mess; A mess that cares for no-one and has no patience.

Photo credits: Mehmoodi

I remember offering a ride to a gentleman, 35-40 in age with curly hairs and fair complexion. He was not from this side of the state but resided in Kochi for his employment. He was hailing from northern part of India and was generous enough when even asking for a ride. I drive a RE continental GT which pushes itself at start trying to move along with the torque and acceleration, this causes the pillion to shake when it moves. I thus asked him (let’s call him Ramu… forget to ask his name) to tighten his grip on the back rest so that Ramu isn’t frightened. Ramu did it as I asked but in response also asked me a question which to my surprise was also running in mind. Only difference is he was addressing it against my statement. He asked “why are all in south India so anxious, everyone when on an automobile is so impatient that they ride as if a rocket is lighted a-back”. So true, we notice it when some outsider points it out.

I understand that time is money and everyone is running behind converting that time to money, but this isn’t the way; we need to change our outlook. Technically speaking, you would hardly save 10-15 minutes for such a tedious driving and that too saved when compromising traffic rules, convenience of a fellow rider, riding happiness…. Is it worth?


F1 photo credits: Chuttersnap

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