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Falling as high from the tenth floor – Happy?

abhilash - April 17, 2012 - 3 comments

Am I doing well?

Ah! Argh! No, I am not doing well.

This is the second day of this week and now is the time, I think sitting idle in the dark, with no light even emitting from the candle; “what I have been doing all these months is not good.” Is that a question when starting with a what? No, that is a statement made by me against my false beliefs of I being stable and happy.

•    You can avoid the people who love you or whom you love, but you can never forget them.
•    Do not do anything that you are uncomfortable or where you feel losing your confidence
•    Don’t change your habits because someone thinks they are obscure
•    Always love your friends
•    Try to be little online and more offline

The statements mentioned above were not commands but mere thoughts from empty mind; or rather mind full of unwanted thoughts.

•    It is not often you see me writing rubbish. I do not take drugs nor am I used to alcohol.

When you dream that, you are going to fail in the exams because you did not study when you had ample time with you. Does that mean you are not happy, or that you have something unaccomplished haunting you? I am not sure but one of my close colleagues made a “wise quote” that I had no pen to register for generations to read and remember.

You are alone and thus you are not happy; you need to get married said a rubbish philosopher to me. He wears no faul smelling kurta and neither is he a gem in a 1000 stones in front of my house. A cute looking, civilized, beautiful and highly regarded woman said I should never be marrying as I would be wasting my precious life, finding locations to hide. They did not address the cause neither the solution but made their statements.

•    “Be ready as the winter is coming,” says game of thrones, a TV series on HBO. Living in Kerala I doubt whether it is coming here.

My friend called me last week for his marriage and that he says planned all of a sudden; As if the couples met during their shopping in the super market, one buying cigarette destroying lungs and other buying lighter. They fell in love watching the not so unique buying decision and finally planned marriage. “Chal aaj biriyani khane jaana hain” says my friend on 20 August 2009 when we planned to have lunch. This could be planned suddenly, I agree

•    I did not go for my friend’s wedding and I did it right? Idiotic it was! My decision

Do you see dinosaurs walking on the streets? Do not imagine that, as the grounds in India during their existence were better than what they are today. They are not going to come again and not at least to experience this.

•    You do not need ample money to make you feel happy. The need of the hour is you believing and experiencing you are happy.

Time for a sleep.


  1. joshi daniel

    this looks so different form what i got to read from you. hope your are ok…

  2. Abhi.. are you in love? 🙂

    Get out of this mood fast.. and there is nothing wrong in getting married..

  3. Very different kind of post….seems a little disjointed between paras but there's no harm in experimenting with different kinds of creative writing, is there?

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