Effects of Youth dreams and eating disorders

Escaping sleep is a big mission and I cannot achieve it. I spoke with the client to fix a contract and the meeting went until 3 AM in the morning. Streets were dark and there was neither the watchman nor the dog visible in the house. I went inside the room and fell on the bed like a dead piece of paper. Daily I wake-up at 8 am and miss the gym, so I decided to set an alarm and go to the gym no matter how it affects my physical/ mental state.

I got up at 6 AM with the alarm and decided not to sleep. I changed the dress and went to the gym (forgot to mention that I brushed my teeth). I was half sleeping but the exercises made me active and the whole day passed without feeling tired. I understand that physical exercise is an important part of life and I will try to continue this even if I sleep late.

Youths are trying to maintain a slim body that attracts audience. I could see my sister dieting to make her look like Aishwarya rai or priyanka chopra. I witnessed some girls vomiting and being unconscious due to irregular diet. People do not understand that dieting or no-eating is not the solution to attain a slim body or a perfect posture. Proper exercises and balanced diet is the vital solution to achieve the aim.

Ghajini star Suriya with Six pack abs, brought a tremendous revolution in the youths. Everyone is dreaming for a 6 pack muscle on his abdomen without being aware about how difficult it is to achieve. You have to maintain a strict diet with daily exercises.

I am not concerned about my six pack abs neither the diet schedules. I would like to discuss the cause that made me a continuous visitor of gymnasium. I went home last year and my mother gave me loads of tasty food and all of them were my favorites. After I reached Cochin, I could find a tummy out and cheeks blown like balloons. Jk has a affordable tummy that he is maintaining for years and I did not care much about myself. We were walking on the streets and I heard a comment from a friend asking where the two fat cows are going? I was not able to understand in the beginning but later noticed that it was also on me. This insult resulted in joining a gym and reducing the weight by 11 kgs. I decided to maintain the so called abdomen for long and preserve my physical presence.

The reason for writing the post is to introduce the importance of exercise in life, sleeping disorders and youth desires. Most of us might be working in offices sitting on a chair passing orders to the subordinates without doing any physical exercise. This affects the body on a longer run and makes one sick and lazy. We can walk from one floor to another or one cabin to the next to provide a physical exercise to our body. This makes me remember the dialogue “walk and talk”.

Yesterday, I read about neurons and their importance in brain. The article mentions that a research conducted by a group of scientists found walking very useful for the proper functioning of brains and helps it develop better. I and my colleague decided to have the lunch from a hotel and I insisted to walk. The atmosphere was hot and sun was shooting its rays towards us. I decided to walk and see my brain develop but when I returned back I could find my head paining. It is therefore necessary to know the best place and time for exercise. You can choose a morning session or an evening time depending on your working hours. I hope you all might have experienced the above mentioned problems.

So let’s promote exercise and denominate dieting.


  1. anupama

    Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!yesterday I was reading the interview with Surya in Grihalakshmi.you will get the updates.the updates from Aamir- a laptop,teh trainer whom Aamir has recommented etc;please read;you will be inspired.:)
    while reading the article,my treadmill is staring at me.I am feeling guilty for not using it since long.
    Don't go for Tom,dick and Harry's coments.yu will be in trouble.:)
    I walk and read;an old habit.
    Add up photos of gym,walking etc.
    Wishing you a healthy and wonderful physique,
    wonderful brisk walking,Temple visits,
    enjoy this weekend writing more posts.

  2. Sushma Mallya

    Ya ur right dieting is no solution, u can just faint by that…doing exercise makes you more energetic & fit..so i always go for morning walk,it makes my mind fresh and really forget all my tensions too…it was nice reading ur post abhi…

  3. Lakshmi Rajan

    Most of us know excercising is good for health but then motivating oneself to practice it is a tough act. I have taken yet another resolution to practice yoga and jogging – let's see how much i succeed…

  4. Gita

    I too agree with you Abhi…starving in the place of dieting is not good…the same with the too much protein in diets to lose weights…for me everything in moderation is the key along with regular exercise.

  5. Abhilash Pillai

    Re: Anu

    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate your feedback. I will try to read the one you suggested but as you know I am afraid of reading magazines or novels. 🙂

    I added one photo and then removed it. I have photos of six pack ab and me walking but…afraid of the censor board and it is no platform to show my muscles. The aim of this post was to introduce the problems due to dieting. I hope I was sucessful in conveying that.

    Thanks for motivating me.

  6. Abhilash Pillai

    Re: Sushma

    Nice to know you walk daily. My mother also do the same and she is regular viewer of some baba's yoga show. 🙂

    Re: Mridula

    Boss! thanks for the comments. Try to continue the effort you did when you were into sports.

    Re: Laxmi rajan

    Nice to know you have planned for yoga. Make a decision that you will do it without fail.

  7. Abhilash Pillai

    Re: Angies recipes

    Thanks for the comments. I try to mention even minute details because my friends find even those as mistakes.

    Re: Vrinda

    Yes you are correct. It is necessary to make a decision and continue.

    Re: Jagruti

    Nice to hear that the UK gurus think in my way. Thanks for your feedback boss!

  8. zlamushka

    My first time here and loving it. The pictres surely speak for themselves. Nice job 🙂

    I am a very get-up early, go go person. Sleeping makes me tired and when I do wake up later than 5:30, I feel like the day has just gone missing.

    sorry to intrude my opinions, feel like I had to say it maybe to support you ? 🙂

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