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Time Travel


abhilash December 16, 2016
Why Doordardhan's Ramayan is re-invented again and again

Why Doordardhan's Ramayan is re-invented again and again

Like me, all the ones watching this video might have seen the serial Ramayan once in their childhood. The version of Ramayan that was aired…

abhilash July 16, 2014
Time runs quick, going nowhere fast!

Time runs quick, going nowhere fast!

I thought I understand people better, “hmm… you are not a psychologist” says the person in the kitchen. It is indeed a good feeling to…

abhilash December 24, 2011

She stood still and appeared dashing, robbing my heart

She was standing besides the far most pillar at the end of the hall that could be easily visualized by any person non anemic in…

abhilash March 23, 2011

Am I holiac? Refreshing the old memories of Holi celebration in 2011

It is 6 Am and as usual, I was on the streets with a brush in my mouth searching for my friends to discuss the…

abhilash December 19, 2010

Hitting hard on the Cerebellum – Finding hidden treasures

I was feeling cool air on the face and I gather the woolen sheet to cover my head. It is cold outside and to get…

abhilash November 17, 2010

Rat as the ultimate knowledge-gaining source – A real story

I have a lot to speak and write when I think about the time I was in engineering. I was not a bookworm and never…

abhilash November 9, 2010

Can you be another X-man?

From the time, I was smart enough to understand things then I used to find why all like the unique ones and what make them…

abhilash April 17, 2010

Changing the Morals from old stories with real time experiences and remixed versions

This time he was focused on the objects in front of his eyes. He headed on the highway leaving behind each house and vehicle on…

abhilash February 6, 2010

Introduction to addicted maniacs from grandmother's Diary - Attack of television serials

She looked around to find a way out of the dark house using a torch. Sirens unexpectedly erupted, ringing throughout the giant house and the…

abhilash February 1, 2010

Introducing Hindi in Mrs. Phillips and a Loving teacher

Today was not a great day for me. As usual I wake up at 8 in the morning, went to the office, came back, had…

abhilash January 25, 2010

Story of creating hill top’s and cycle seats as learning grounds

Learning has no fixed place, no fang shui, no Vastu and no Shastra. Children can be seen learning in tree shades, in study rooms, school…

abhilash January 7, 2010

A teacher’s inherent advice for 2010: Beta kaabil bano kaabil, kamyabi toh

Madhavan conclude 3 idiots with the dialogue “Beta kaabil bano kaabil, kamyabi toh sala jhak marke peeche aayengi”(man! be independent in thoughts and implementation and…

abhilash December 22, 2009

Fifth standard super heroes Nagraj and Super commando Dhruva returns

Today I will take you to my school days. It appears as if it happened some years back; however those some years may be 8-12…

abhilash December 16, 2009
Taking you to 1987 stories and spitual start of TV gods

Taking you to 1987 stories and spitual start of TV gods

I am going to take you back into the past, in 1987 when this story happened. I was 3 years old and we lived in…

abhilash November 25, 2009

My story of first Love in Life as Artist

It was my first day in the diploma course that I joined with a genuine reason I had for my parents, “My friends are going…

abhilash October 12, 2009

Will I improve? The story of lost ICICI ATM CARD

I will never improve. Teacher or my parents do not say these words, they are from my heart. I am sad and at the same…