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abhilash March 25, 2009

Never send girls to study in Chennai or Banglore

You will be worried and will think why I have a title similar to this. I went the last sunday to watch a film called…

abhilash March 16, 2009

Top shooters for 2009 - "Mango stone throwers"

I studied in 6th standard that Stone age man used stones for hunting, building tools etc. I read about all these things but was never…

abhilash March 14, 2009

Understand the importance of money

I made this blog so that I can share my views, life, experiences and that can help others to improve their thoughts and way of…

abhilash March 12, 2009

What is the age of marriage

What is the age of Love ? What is the Age of marriage ? What is the age of Divorce? Confused ! why am I…

abhilash March 8, 2009

Maradu vedikkettu - The first vedikkettu seen by me at Ernakulam

I was able to witness one of the famous fistival of fireworks at Ernakulam, the “Vedikkettu” yesterday 07 march 2009. Vedikettu is a festival where…

abhilash March 8, 2009

A Morning at Moonar - Your full tour guide to Moonar

To be honest, this was again the best day of my life with my friends on a tour. My last tour was to “Adirapally and…

abhilash March 3, 2009

Reliance and oberon mall

We have a new slogan these days. ” We are feeling bore working 6 days in all 4 weeks for 12 months, we need some…

abhilash February 26, 2009

Savitha a new Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus explore America, I read this during my school days. I was surprised to hear about that person who invented the great America, one…

abhilash February 26, 2009

Laptop doesnot detect CD / DVD drives

On a saturday, While installing updates on my laptop I thought for an appearance of mac os. I have a windows xp installed on my…

abhilash February 24, 2009

Favourites at Jinu's birthday

Sunday was a great day for me, think why ? Hey I had my favourite payasam that day. Wake up in the morning as always…

abhilash February 21, 2009

Makante achan at shenoys

Yesterday while sitting at the room, we thought why not to see a movie in a theater. It has been 4-5 months since we last…

abhilash February 20, 2009

Old nostalgia of athirapally waterfalls

It was 3-4 months before that we went to visit athirapally, still remember it. You know why ?, because it was a relaxation from the…

abhilash February 20, 2009

Formating a nokia N70

Yesterday whole night I was busy with my craze.. my gadget ( Nokia n70 ). I tried to load Nokia maps 3-4 months before into…

abhilash February 19, 2009

Craze for Nokia n97

I hope I do not have craze for money.. Is it ?         yes..I dont, but I understand it is a need….

abhilash February 18, 2009

Recession - will we make it to an end

Thinking on the mass effect of recession. It has affected the market, each business, each individual, living etc.. Just think where we are, are we…

abhilash February 17, 2009

Bright morning at vytilla

It was 5.30 in the morning when I left office after a meeting with the European client. My coulegue Jinu asked me for a tea…