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abhilash October 31, 2011
“Mein aur meri tanhayi” – Cooking was something I did not QUIT

“Mein aur meri tanhayi” – Cooking was something I did not QUIT

I shifted to the new home in Ernakulam few months ago. Silent walls, clean furniture, modern kitchen, big hall, brilliant antiques that resemble the art…

abhilash May 3, 2011

Another entry with Aval Vilayichathu – Abhi video Special

It is 11 PM and I am tired to write a post. However, I feel that this has been in the mind since weeks and…

abhilash February 3, 2011

An introduction to Video testimonials on cooking – an ISI mark

I am a person who likes to read recipes and adventures that others come across while an attempt to cook. I started cooking few years…

abhilash February 2, 2011

Biggest and deadliest ice cream festival in Cochin - Tripunithura

The frequency of incidents happening in my life has increased while the tendency to write and read has reduced. Have I become the same kid…

abhilash March 26, 2010

Aloo ka paratha by Abhi, Experts are back to the kitchen

After a long gap from the kitchen and cooking, yesterday we decided to cook something delicious. My cousin who is now in Cochin suggested the…

abhilash March 23, 2010

Ernakulam KFC broke hearts, reached KR bakers for heart filling dinner

Ajay is now in Ernakulam. He is the son of my Aunt who accompanied me to Ernakulam this weekend to celebrate his vacations. We went…

abhilash February 10, 2010

A day as a celebrity through AMMA film association and Abad Plaza, Ernakulam

The reverse gears were loaded and the vehicle started moving backwards towards the exit. Ashok has fitted several controls in his vehicle that includes protection…

abhilash February 5, 2010

Effects of Youth dreams and eating disorders

Escaping sleep is a big mission and I cannot achieve it. I spoke with the client to fix a contract and the meeting went until…

abhilash February 2, 2010

Porridge athava Payasam mega festival at home - Amma's swantham prepration

Today the lunch was from a hotel in Cochin. As a change I ordered rice (the big one called as boiled rice) and he brought…

abhilash January 31, 2010

Honest chicken curry that revealed some important secrets

I visited gymnasium only once in the previous week and cooked once in previous one month. I am sleeping late and the same happens when…

abhilash November 14, 2009

Jumble Stories from Thai food festival in Cochin - Puzzle with toilet symbol

Friends and parties, they were the things to do this week and I could not write or read the blogs. I really miss the posts…

abhilash November 10, 2009

Autobiography of a plantain - Keralas growing banana plant

The banana plant in the garden fell down due to the wind yesterday. Biga reminded me about the bananas in the plant and we rushed…

abhilash November 9, 2009

Unleashing memories through a visit to poo meen market, Tripunithura fish market in Cochin

Yesterday we planned to prepare fish for the dinner. I am not a great cook when it comes to fish but Biga specializes in these…

abhilash November 5, 2009

Contradictory food customs in Kerala, India – Cochin Vs Alleppy

Today, I did not prepare any lunch since I got an invitation from Divya for attending her marriage in Tripunithura. Food is an important part…

abhilash October 21, 2009

Human Crocodiles found in NM food court Ernakulam

I got an invitation from Biga for a dinner at NM food court Ernakulam. I asked him the reason but he did not tell me….

abhilash September 29, 2009

Rapchik Sharkarai Godambu Dosai – JK special

Yesterday we prepared Sharkarai godambu dosai in the kitchen. This is a special recipe from Jk. Gita from Gita’s kitchen has suggested me to place…