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Fashion trends


abhilash February 25, 2011

Are we fashion sensitive or fashion intensive, a broader outlook from Cochin

Let us fly to the top where we could see people from a bird’s eye perspective with features to zoom in, zoom out, changing angles,…

abhilash April 20, 2010

Is mustache a symbol of global prestige? An eye opener by bloggers exposing reality

The title of this post fulfills its purpose through your comments. It will be an eye opener for the readers written by bloggers. It is…

abhilash July 27, 2009

Cochin Fashion version, street 3.0 destroying youths

Cochin fashion version, street 3.0 is destroying the youths. Jeans is comfortable than trousers and people prefer to wear it during professional and casual meetings….

abhilash July 11, 2009

The Levis strauss style- Jockey acquired Levis in Ernakulam

In ernakulam you would see a new fashion, which is a result of the acquisition of Jockey, the underwear manufacturer over levis strauss, the jeans…

abhilash July 11, 2009

Who will cut my hairs ? Aamir khan

I assume my hairs long enough to be cut. I have craze about some unique entities which change with my growing age. In some verge…