Awakening the sleeping corporate minds through a train journey

This time I was in Netravati express from Trivandrum to Lokmanya tilak, sitting on the seat, adjusting my body to fit the space available, after a family of five members occupied the adjacent space. The journey will be two days long, boring and worthless; that was what we thought, when we saw the power outlet far from our seats. In a two days journey you have to depend on laptop and movies to attract people and passing time.

There were four ladies including an old grandmother and a man, who said he was working for Kerala tourism. Ladies were discussing about the space in the train and their love to occupy a complete compartment where they are free birds and has no external intrusion. People always need privacy even if they are in train but I was sure this thought will change once I start mingling with them. : )

We started the laptop Alias theatre, spreading the sound of the movie everywhere. Laptop was set to its top volume and all passengers started moving around to see the miracle. The people in AC compartments, though human try to imitate the second class gentleman and their ego never permits them to mingle with others or intrude into others life. But human beings have similar characteristics and that cannot be changed, no matter how hard they try to show-off.

Gujarati couples were the starters who asked the permission to join the movie. After this move, many people started joining the group and I felt like a theatre owner who runs his business without selling any tickets. We did not feel anyone disturbing us but it was all sharing happiness and joy. One of the Gujarati women laughed loudly at a comic scene and then people started commenting and blowing whistles. Here comes the real man/ woman who were trying to hide him behind the Suits.

Our compartment had a cute child that was mischievous and lovely. She used to come near me and touch the screen of the laptop and run back to her mother with a sweet smile. She would repeat this often to catch my attention from the crowd.
This reminds me about my sister when she was small and her mischiefs. She always tried to make me angry so I would start concentrating on her.

I repeated one movie after the other until we reached Mumbai. The mechanic in the train always would ask the question whether we are not fed up of watching many movies continuously but he was also interested in watching them to pass his time. He said that he was afraid of the PRESS who will write the story featuring “a mechanic seen in train watching movies compromising his duty”.

The journey to Mumbai was filled with fun and enjoyment. I hope people enjoyed my company and would never complain any intrusion or pray for privacy. Train journeys can further be enjoyed with group chats, debates on common topics, jokes, small games etc. But to enjoy the journey we all should forget the corporate or the First class gentleman or woman we are outside.

I was in Mumbai for 1 week and the time period of my absence from online world seems long. Next continues the story from AAMCHI MUMBAI…


  1. Gita

    That is so nice of you to share movies with your fellow passengers…many wont do that Abhi…I have seen many putting on airs in AC coaches and making a big show with their laptops…really good job and the kid looks cute 🙂

  2. Nithya

    wow.. so you had a great time I guess. 🙂 I have never got a chance to watch movies on the go.. used to travel only in the nights. May be next time I should try being like you. 🙂

  3. Sushma Mallya

    Am sure u must have enjoyed this journey a lot,trains journeys are really very boring if travelling alone,but if u get good company it becomes very memorable….seeing movie in a laptop,great idea abhi and nice time pass too …

  4. Babli

    I am sure you had a wonderful journey and ofcourse a memorable one. It must be one of your best journey. Very good idea so next time when I will travel by train I shall spend my time by watching movies.

  5. anupama

    Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Wishing you a bright and wonderful Holi,the festival of colours!
    A train journey,that too a long journey gives you borning moments,but watching movie shouldn't be the only way of entertainment.
    I do write down the names of the stations that the trian passes and I have come across very strange names like Ravaneswaram……..
    When you travel via konkan route,count the tunnels;more than thousand.It's fun!
    Enjoy nature and fill your mind with gratitude to God for the wonderful sight!
    Be away from laptops with what otherwise you spend maximum time.
    As you were on official trip,spend time to do proper planning.
    Since the cute little girl reminded you your sissy,you could have sent a mail to her letting her know how much you miss her!You could have made her day!
    Close your eyes and listen to music and let your co-passengers too enjoy the music.
    Observe people and you will get so many themes to go creative.
    Enough for the next train journey.
    Splash teh colours and welcome spring.
    Wishing you a wonderful March,

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