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An effort to kill the mental illness

abhilash - January 23, 2010 - 18 comments

It was afternoon, the street was vacant around kilometers and I was driving the bike at 70 km/hr. Hot air was blowing from the sides, back, front and everywhere it could find a way in. We were speaking about Solaris and Sameer’s craziness about the software’s and computers. I turned my face and saw a person riding cycle in front of me. I pressed the brakes as hard as I can to make him pass my sight. The pressure was on the front brakes; and the back tyre made its way in front of the later causing us to taste the dirt and mud on the ground. That was the first time Hanish scolded me.

Hanish Prakash Patel

Hanish is my friend who was with me from fifth class until engineering. We were travelling in his new Fiero bike with the knowledge that I was deprived of a license.

Hanish is one of the great friends I have, who has helped me in my life. He called me a couple of days ago from Gujrat. He is in USA and visited India after a period of two plus years for a celebration announced on the occasion of his nephew’s mundan ceremony. He is completing his MS in Los Angeles and often sends me the pictures from Hollywood. He is the only friend who calls me monthly even though he has to spend a grand; and that’s what is called a friend. Isn’t it?

We spoke long until his mother prompted him for the dinner. He left the phone with the message that I can call him back the next day on the same number. I was busy with work and escaping from my life, so did not call him until now. It has passed a week and I am not yet ready to contact him and share old memories.

I do not understand why people start loosing relationships and their importance when they start working in an IT background. The corporate world has its flaws that are hidden behind the money it showers. People can smile in a meeting and exchange old memories but they never remember things again. An amnesia that could be better called a short time memory loss.

I stopped calling my parents daily and made it to once a week. I did not want to keep the nostalgic moments entering my minds when I am far. This extended further and now I call them when they ring back asking my whereabouts. I love my parents and want to keep close with them but I am also a victim of the busy corporate world. This is the reason I can give to the people who ask for the causes of not calling them. But I know that’s not true.

I gave my mobile for a service to let Nokia correct some wifi problems and update the firmware. I bought a packet of pakodas, bread and big bananas for the dinner. I hope that can satisfy the burning stomach.

I am trying to get out of my created problems and find a way to reach my old behavior. I will call my parents tomorrow and some of my friends. I hope this will help me have a refreshing breath and cure my mental illness.


  1. Good old friendship never dies.
    I call my friend once every two weeks, so you don't have to feel guilty about not calling yours daily!

  2. Good old friendships lasts even if you lose touch with them, so no worries about missing out on calls 🙂 you can call them after years and still talk as if you have been meeting often!

  3. RE: Gita & Angie's Recipes

    Thanks boss!!! I will keep this in mind.

  4. ya i do understand how much work load will be there in an IT company,so much work pressure that u ll forget nearly everything,but u can still keep in touch with ur friends during weekends and make sure to call them atleast on sat or sun…its the feelings that matters & not how many times u call and talk isnt it. ….

  5. well said Abhi…Pinne ippo US il ninnum Indiayilekkulla call almost free aane,that too unlimitted…nowadays i call my amma daily …So he will call u again

  6. Well written Abhi…I do believe that good and strong friendships never die..Of course everyone is busy, but it doesn't mean that they forgot you…Keep smiling..have a great week !!!

  7. $$

    Hey Abhilash,

    You have been tagged & awarded @ my blog! 🙂

  8. Abhilash


    You said it right I can still keep in touch with the frinds and family. I will ensure I do it.

  9. Abhilash

    Re: Vrinda

    People dont call others even for free. Good friends and good hearts always remember their routes.

  10. Abhilash

    Re: Gulmohar

    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate your opinions and yes that is true.

    Re: $$

    Thanks for the tag boss!!!

  11. Nice to meet your friend and keep on blogging.

  12. I know in this time and age, we get busy with work and have little time to talk to anyone.But I am sure they will understand.I talk to my best friend every year I visit India but she still remains my best friend after all these yrs..
    Its the quality I guess and not the qty..

  13. Cheer up Abhi…

    Even your post these days reflect your gloom 🙂

    Hope you will soon be back with your cheerful nature..

    Happy Republic Day….

  14. Re: Shri, Happy kitten and Nostalgia

    Thank you all for the comments. I am really thankful to you for your suggestions and kind words. I hope I will be out of this soon and be back as the old Abhi…

  15. //I do not understand why people start loosing relationships and their importance when they start working in an IT background//

    I would disagree with the last part – IT background. It applies to people from all walks of life when they start working, get married etc. Of course, I don't want to generalize here. I don't talk very often with my school friends but whenever we talk we click upon instantly as if we have always been talking – that is the beauty of the some of the childhood friends they exists even if we don't talk very often.

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  17. Hanish

    Thanks for writing such good thing about me.
    If you remember am wearing the shirt that you gave me.
    I missed you my friend and I would keep in touch with you no matter where I am.

  18. […] close and one among them who I remember every moment. You can read more about Hanish in the post He was studying in USA for MS and got a job this […]

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