A day as a celebrity through AMMA film association and Abad Plaza, Ernakulam

The reverse gears were loaded and the vehicle started moving backwards towards the exit. Ashok has fitted several controls in his vehicle that includes protection systems and camera to view the blocking objects when the movement of the car is reversed; a miniature prototype of a James bond vehicle. The vehicle started moving through the parking of Abad plaza in MG road Cochin surpassing several other vehicles and pillars that came in between. The parking area was completely busy due to the meeting of β€œAMMA”(Association of Malayalam Movie Artists), the film association of Kerala that came to discuss on its issues with the actor Tilakan. This visit to Abad Plaza was unexpected and made us small celebrities.

We left kakkanad and thought to have dinner prior to reaching home. Ashok said that he has no special theory regarding his selection of food and he would like to be the part of team. Dileep suggested having it from the nearby hotel in kakkanad, Cochin. While we were entering the hotel, the security guard stopped us and said to park the vehicle at a different location as the parking lot is full. We decided not to stay and moved to MG road, Ernakulam. Dileep mentioned that Abad Plaza is one of the best hotels in Cochin that serves food, tasty and delicious.

We entered Abad plaza and it took us some time to find a space in the parking lot. We saw the vehicles of Manorama and other news channels, making a queue in the hotel premises. We moved inside and asked the waiter for the exact location of the buffet.

There were two doors adjacent to each other named Kadaloram and regency. Kadaloram served Kerala food and we moved inside. We started with the soup and finished with desserts. It took three rounds to complete my eating. Ashok was the slow among the three to complete the consumption. I could see heavy crowd outside the hotel. I understood that it was for the celebrities, Mohanlal and others that we saw outside.

We finished eating process, took the vehicle and moved towards the exit. The moment the vehicle reached the gate, people surrounded it and started peeping inside the window glass to figure their favorite celebrities. I was really surprised to see their eagerness. I went close to the window and waved my hands outside making gestures like real celebrities. This was a moment when I could experience myself moving away from the red carpet.

I noticed several funny faces when I revealed myself to the public. Some were astonished, some were surprised to figure out the new celebrity they haven’t seen before but it was for few minutes until we could make our way out.

I have seen news channels featuring celebrity shows and figures moving from the red carpet into their vehicles, people surrounding them, but this was a really exciting experience. At least I am thankful to Abad plaza and AMMA association that made us real celebrities for a day.

Though our photos were not displayed in the newspapers but the walk towards the parking lot and the exit was an unforgettable incident. I think the day is not far when I will be featured in the newspapers. At least let me imagine yaar. : )


  1. Jagruti

    you know thats really funny becasue it reminded me of the time when i was in america. my tour group arranged a limo to transfer us from the hotel to the airport. we were all really excited and didnt expect outsiders to be peering in our windows. when we stepped out of the limo at the airport, the disappointment on the peoples faces was halirious– they actually expected a top celebrity to come out, but it just turned out to me some tired looking brown faces in sarees :))!!!!

    liked your post,,really funny

  2. Nithya

    Ha ha ha ha.. Good one.. it feels good to be important na.. Don't worry you will surely be featured someday and I would tell everyone that you are my buddy. πŸ™‚

  3. anupama

    Dear Abhi,
    Good Evening!
    Enjoyed reading your post.the way write you about food,the readers' taste buds are aroused.:)Who taught you to enjoy the food and have?
    Hey,you are a celebrity in blogosphere,nah?
    A photo in a newspaper is not a big thing,yaar.
    By the way,it's very natural to crave for attention and importance!
    May someone be there with the red carpet and red rose for you…………..:)
    Wishing you a great future,

  4. Lakshmi Rajan

    LOL ROFL ….. Yours was the last blog am reading today and now let me hit the bed with a big smile in my face. I was imagining all those faces that must be scracthing whose this hero must be without make up πŸ˜€ and trying to figure out πŸ˜›

    P.S > Btw, do participate in the Finish the Story contest in GingerChai, looking forward to your participation πŸ™‚ Check the format and story there. Feb 28 is the last date. A chance to be a celebrity you see πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous

    Association of Mammutty's and Mohanlall's Adimakal (AMMA)is correct abreviation of AMMA.
    Thilakan,PJ Antony, Kottarakkara Satyan etc are genious actors. Our cine stars have no intelectual capacity to even recognise or understand a genious like a lay man could not understand what is in a printed circuit board or what is the meaning of phishing. Jos

  6. JAZ

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