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October 2009

abhilash October 31, 2009

Comments on God’s own country from God’s own creation – Kerala differs

He was tired and that made him sleep easily. Soon the train passed Andra and Tamil nadu and stopped at a station called coimbatore in…

abhilash October 30, 2009

Unexpected dreams of the over expected naked man of Kerala

There is a naked man in Kerala who is always waiting in front of the house to welcome me, expecting his dreams to renovate into…

abhilash October 30, 2009

Week / weak in Cochin with a irritating girlfriend, “Pain in the chest”

I have spent a week in Cochin with my girlfriend or I will call it, a weak is in Cochin with a girlfriend, irritating, painful,…

abhilash October 28, 2009

Vicks inhaler, the hope for a irritated sick man

With a Vicks inhaler in hand, filling the right and left nostrils, trying to break the walls of irritation; yes I am sick. This weekend…

abhilash October 21, 2009

Human Crocodiles found in NM food court Ernakulam

I got an invitation from Biga for a dinner at NM food court Ernakulam. I asked him the reason but he did not tell me….

abhilash October 20, 2009

Kerala Express brought joy for Diwali celebrations

It was 12.45 Pm, 18th October 2009 and I was sweating hard, wet till my bottoms reaching the shoes. There was no sign of hope…

abhilash October 14, 2009

Mogambo is missing Diwali 2009

Once I watched a movie called Mr. India starring Anil kapoor and Amrish puri. Amrish Puri was called Mogambo in the movie and always used…

abhilash October 13, 2009

Start of Red alert and curfew in Cochin

Today Cochin was full with policemen on the streets, railway station, road sides and all the important spots. I got a rumor that Cochin is…

abhilash October 12, 2009

Will I improve? The story of lost ICICI ATM CARD

I will never improve. Teacher or my parents do not say these words, they are from my heart. I am sad and at the same…

abhilash October 11, 2009

An unreflective visit at chottanikkara temple in Kerala

Yesterday we unintentionally planned to visit Chottanikkara temple. The plan was to leave Tripunithura at 5 AM so we can visit the temple and return…

abhilash October 8, 2009

Innocent, naughty, unknown, and lovely Chronicles of Abhi’s childhood

When people hear stories about Abhi’s childhood, they will never believe it. A boy who was never serious about anything and everything, a boy who…

abhilash October 6, 2009

And the awards for 2009 goes to... Abhi

He was back in the crowded room at Tripunithura in Ernakulam, and Biga was leaning on his bed quiet and astonished at the serial that…

abhilash October 4, 2009

An endeavor to unearth Kerala's religious inception

It has taken three years for me to write a post like this, a post on Kerala’s religious inception or better be called an endeavor…

abhilash October 1, 2009

Does sleeping in train develop brain? – Description by a traveler

I was thinking whether sleeping in the trains develop ones brain. Do you wonder why I think so? I do not know if you have…