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July 2009

abhilash July 31, 2009

Friendship and heart a compromise

I am off working 10-12 hours a day, the max I am doing other than going to office is eating food and sleeping. This was…

abhilash July 31, 2009

Recipe for Valiyettan pazham pori - BLD Banana Roast

Ok as promised I went to Royal bakery and had a valiyettan param pori, the baap of param pori’s. I spoke to Gundu mani and…

abhilash July 30, 2009

"Gundu mani", An asset to Royal bakery

I am alone in the room staring at the walls and watching film Tirupathy. Ajith has done a drastic role in this film, I feel…

abhilash July 30, 2009

Umbrella wallet and comment that activated my creative mind

This post is after receiving acknowledgement by Nits Arts and Crafts to my idea of upgrading their paper wallet using an umbrella and overcome the…

abhilash July 29, 2009

5 simple ways to have a Grilled Chicken

Jk and Biga left Cochin for Bangalore to attend a meeting with Microsoft team.Iam alone in the room with blogger in front of me. Yesterday…

abhilash July 28, 2009

Ernakulam Police searching for harry potter

Ernakulam police is always one-step ahead than others. They are now in search of Harry potter. Harry potter and the half blood prince was house…

abhilash July 27, 2009

Cochin Fashion version, street 3.0 destroying youths

Cochin fashion version, street 3.0 is destroying the youths. Jeans is comfortable than trousers and people prefer to wear it during professional and casual meetings….

abhilash July 26, 2009

Taste buds activated with Aaloo ka paratha at mammas

Avinash is a boy from North India who likes Kerala, people, food but still find it difficult to adjust. He says his taste buds almost…

abhilash July 26, 2009

German insistency to shoot kerala's celebrity images, prithhviraj sukumaran...naa

Shooting celebrity images or getting them in hand is not a big task, Just type the name of the celebrity in google and you have…

abhilash July 25, 2009

Eating cockroaches as breakfast in cochin

All try different recipie for their breakfast including puttu, upmavu, dosha, idli, puri, chappatti, paratha, parota etc. but imagine it would be disgusting if you…

abhilash July 24, 2009

Reflecting ideas through kitchen and recipes

I am always there to test new recipes in my kitchen. I try doing things by own. Most of the recipes that I try or…

abhilash July 24, 2009

Advertisement by Kavya madhavan for Bhima jewellery in her Marriage Album

One of my friend sent me a mail this morning. It had the pictures from the Wedding Album of Kavya madhavan. I know she is…

abhilash July 23, 2009

Experience satisfaction through Art of sharing, version 5.0

I remember; my mother always used to say to share and do things. When we were small; my sister and me, we always quarreled for…

abhilash July 22, 2009

Marathon IT Kitchen meets held daily at 8AM in Cochin

Marathon IT kitchen meets are held daily at 8 AM in cochin. Palace in Tripunithura are the main working centers of these marathon kitchen meet….

abhilash July 22, 2009

Aakashvani and new Marketing strategies at SBT - State Bank of Travancore

I went to SBT ( State Bank of Travancore), Tripunithura to transfer some money to my Nagpur branch account. Usually the people use to stand…

abhilash July 21, 2009

Revealing the rumours of karkidaka kanji - medicinal poridge

Munna and pappu finally prepared the karkidaka kanji today. It lead to revealing the rumours about its taste and the prepration. It was spread by…